Wednesday, December 07, 2005

This is a book I made for a friend for her birthday awhile ago. The cover I used crackle on it. Happy Hump Day It's 2 o'clock in the morning and I'm sitting here waiting for my coffee to finish brewing. Man, my sleeping schedule is so screwed up right now. I fell asleep around 5:30 last night and got up at 12. So needless to say, I'm up for awhile. I'm sitting here working on some flyers for Scott. I'm using my rollagraph to make a snowflake border around them. All 15oo flyers. It's crazy. I have half of one box completed already and thought I would take a break and do an update here. So today we went off to the store to return the end table. We also picked out a new lamp, a couple framed art pieces, candle holders and a couple pieces of art. Oh and can't forget the bedside steps for me. You all know how short I now I"ll be able to get up into the bed easier. Not to mention I'll be able to see what's in the top drawers and get to the top of the master chest. I can remember when I was younger how I was taller than my mother. Now my children look down at me (with the exception of our little one). How ironic, huh. Then we went off to Mikes. Yep, Scott even went inside this time. But we were looking for something for him, but nonetheless, he went inside instead of sitting in the truck waiting for So come Friday, my lamp and steps get delivered. While we were at the furniture store, you couldn't believe how it was, I'm sorry, yes mam/sir. Sure we can do that for you. No problem. (Just get your crap and get out of here so the rest of the customers won't know what no but really, the store manager was really nice, and really did what he could to service us and our needs. So that was cool. But I will have to say, I just don't know when we go to redo the next 2 rooms if we will go back there again. I can't wait to find a fountain to go on the smaller chest. I'm trying to build an oasis here, so I thought that would be a great additive to the equation. Bonnie--when you get to read this, I hope everything went great for you at the doctors. Let me know what he said. Well I'm off for now. I hope everyone has a great hump day... Hugs from Charm City

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