Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The Day After gift set

Happy Happy New Year's Eve blogland. How the heck has everyone's holiday been going? Here on the home front, I am starting to see light at the end of the tunnel. Finally!!! I have a set I made for Christmas and wanted to share. Have you ever wondered where Santa goes after his long season? Well this is where I believe he goes. To the south pole, kicking back on the beach and watching some good 'ol football....ENJOY!!!!

Here's the set with the lights on...
I decided the sandcastle really needs a colored light to match the other ones. So I will be adding one of those ...this is a late Christmas gift...
This set comes from different kits from SVG CUTS .... can I say, O EM GGGGG...I am in heaven. I love love this place. These kits take all of the guessing and measuring out of creating a new creation. A huge time saver. And I can't wait to get to play with more.
3D Sandcastle--Wet and Wild kit
Shadowbox Frame--Santa's Helpful Elves kit
Palm Tree--Toil & Trouble kit (apothecary jar tall)
the little white doohickey on the palm tree is what the light looks like that changes colors...I put one at the bottom of the south pole sign to up light it and one on the frame just above santa sitting on the beach. The sandcastle has a string of lights that I inserted into the box of it. The lid is the perfect size to house the battery box. Picture is posted below of opened lid with battery...
And this is what Santa does the day I stuck a t.v. set on a barbar pole, added some foil for rabbit ears...ha ha!! Hey, he's on an island...
Santa's Helpful Elves Kit--Shadowbox Frame
Beach Bum3 kit--palm trees hibiscus (center part)
Santa's North Pole Workshop kit--santa's clothesline--barbar pole
Rocking Round the Christmas Tree kit--t.v. set
Moonlight Garden Party--ferns
Wet and Wild kit--3d Sandcastle
Comets Candy Land kit-- candy canes
Rockin Round the Christmas Tree--popcorn
South Pole sign up-lit...Santa needs to find his way to his castle in the dark...right!!! lol..
side view...I used one of those round mini tree toppers and glued the stars on to that to give it dimension.....the top also pulls off and it's a candy jar...some personal (CHOCOLATE) stash....

Toil & Trouble kit--apothecary jar tall
Beach Bum3 kit--palm trees
Comets Candy Land kit--stars
I am really sorry for the pic...but here's the battery box and the light string just goes down inside...I picked this up at Big Lots for around 8 bucks...not bad...
Well that's the last post for the year...I hope you have enjoyed it. I wish each and everyone a Happy and Healthy New Year....may it be better than the year before.....hugs from a very cold Charm City...