Sunday, September 07, 2008

It's another Sunday

hellooooooooooooooo....sorry it's been awhile since my last post. We are in the middle of cleaning out our storage room/spare bedroom and it's taking forever. We are finding things that we forgot we even had. Or things that having been missing for sometime now. Like a Leapster that we have been wondering what happened to it. WOOHOO...those babies are expensive, and I"m so glad that it's found it's way back home where our little one can play with it again. We got hit with hurricane Hanna yesterday. Flash flooding everywhere. Not to mention the winds. They, once again tore up our tiki bar. I tell ya, we just weren't meant to have a tiki bar in our backyard. But DH will undoubtable screw it back together and try for another season.
On another note, I have been busy making things off and on here in my studio. I'll post them down below if you would like to check them out.
But my best news of this post is that our eldest daughter just told DH and I that she is going to have a baby. Can you believe that? I thought babies were over until a few years down the road. But they are due sometime in April/May. So CONGRATS to Tricia and Ryan!!!!!!!! You go girl!!!!!
Here's some other news that I have been forgetting to share. I entered some photos on HGTV site for an upcoming Christmas special this year. WEll they contacted me and want to use a project that I made. And maybe another AWESOM is that...but it's only a photo thingy...not how to make it on the air or anything. But they are going to put my name and location with the photo....that's ok, I'm still syked....I don't have any dates yet as to when this will air, but I"ll post as soon as I find out when it will be on...
I have been on the look out for a Halloween costume for our little one. She's into these Goth kind of costumes. Does anyone have any web sites that you could share for costumes? I try to make her a costume or even parts of it for her every year. Thanks in advance.
Well, this is it for now. A few more weeks and I"m off to vacation. I soo can't wait...oh wait, I forgot to tell ya. That my BIL is getting married at the beach while we are there. I can't believe it either. So that will be a special time. Our little one is their flower girl to. And DH is best man. It's on the beach at 11 am. If it doesn't rain it should be a great wedding day.
I hope everyone has a great week ahead...
Here's a tutorial that I did for Hallmark Ladybug Blog.
I'm sorry for the photo. With all of the rain yesterday, I just couldn't get a better shot. I will post a better one later once I can go outside in the daylight. Hop on over there and check out the blog. It's filled to the rim with awesom tutorials from the other ladybug team members. They are just the best and most creative ladies I've had the pleasure to work with. Love ya ladybugs.
These other projects I made for challenges over on the Hallmark Scrapbook site Another great place if you haven't checked us out. Right now Jody and Brad have an awesom sale going on the Cricut cartridges. So pop on over and check out what they are offering in the store. You're sure to find something that you need. I just ordered a few of the cartridges myself. And they are just the best when it comes to sending out the orders. I normally receive my orders within a couple of days too... So check them out...
Hugs from a very calm but soggy Charm City