Tuesday, December 06, 2005

I DID IT!!! I finally sent my work off to a couple of places that were looking for people to help fill their design teams. Other than Junkitz(which I think I posted down below) I sent some of my work off for the new magazine, Scrapbook Answers. And then after that, I e-mailed my resume to a company to apply for a job over the internet. This is something that I'm new at. I've never applied for a job over the net. So I hope I did it right. I woke up early again this morning, only to find out that I don't have any creamer for my coffee. UGH!!! I really don't like the taste of coffee, but I drink it for the pick me up first thing in the morning. So when I didn't have my creamer, I was alittle bummed. I love the taste of Irish Creamer in it, and without it, it doesn't taste to good. So I got out my old stand in, chocolate mocha dry creamer. It will do for now, but I have to make sure that I get the other. Ok, the sogga about the furniture continues. They came this past Friday and delivered the rest of it. And then someone coming out to put together the bookshelves. No one showed up. When I called, the department manager said he would have someone out here first thing on Monday morning. I wasn't happy, but I went with it. I'm just tired of calling and fighting to get this delivery right. Well unbenounced to me, Scott had called and told them if they didn't get someone out here (Friday) then they would have $7,000.00 worth of their furniture in our front yard sitting out for the trash. WOWZERS!!! I guess he was getting kind of mad to. So I get this call from the manager that he is almost to my house. WHAT!! I had no idea that he was coming. I'm still in my jammies (all day and I was trying to clean up my kitchen and put things that needed to be in the cases, somewhere through out the house. I really wanted my kitchen back so we could have a real meal. Well it continues. The guy got here, put together the bookcases and then in a scurry, left. I thought because it was Friday, that he just wanted to get home to be with his family. Well upon looking at them more closely, I found a great big nick in one of them, and there is a peg missing from one of the shelves so it doesn't sit right. You can't use that one or things will drop to the next level. Can you believe that!!! Not one word from him!!! And he's a department manager!!!! Not to mention, that one of the guides to a drawer is broken on the master chest. And there are a few nicks in the side of that one. But I have to say that the store manager has been so helpful in this matter. He totally moved up our delivery of the furniture that was missing, and had someone scheduled to come out to put the cases together. So yesterday he got another call from Scott. He's got someone coming out next Monday to check out the problems to see if he can fix them, or if we have to send them back to get replacements. We'll see how that goes. And today we are off to the store to take back one of the end tables. Our living room is just to small to have both of them in there. Now if I can 'only get rid of my rocking chair and the recliner. Then I'll be set in there. But over all, I love the new sectional. It's comfy. I love that we decided to get the hide a bed for company. I don't know if they will love the idea though... LOL... Don't know if that's comfy. So there you have it. The sogga continues. I so hope this goes away soon. But overall, the house is coming back in order. Little by little. Our room is looking soooo cool. Scott even loves it. So that makes me really happy. And I'm so glad that he let me do the color scheme with the glazing on the walls. It's got the look I was wanting and hoping for. Warm, romantic and classy. I still need to make/purchase some accent pieces for the room, but over all it's almost complete. I'll post some pics at a later date for everyone that has been wanting to check out the new room. So how's everyone's holidays coming along? Ours really isn't yet. Have you ever had a year where you really didn't want to get out those decorations? Well, mine has come. I am so dreading getting them out. But with a little one still at home, we have to decorate. It just wouldn't be Christmas for her. Well, I'm off to type up this letter from Scott that he needs today. So I hope everyone has a wonderful Tuesday. It snowed finally yesterday here, but not enough for me. I'm hoping that our little one can make a snowman after school today. Hugs from a SNOWY Charm City

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