Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Ok twice in one day...let alone with in just snapped some of these photos and thought I'd share them...I've had some ask me to post some, so here are a couple until I can get our room totally organized so that I can take photos of it... Hugs again... Wall and border--the wall looks so much more warm and golden, than it looks here. I used a cream color background, then painted on a brown glaze with the funky roller. Then used a wet rag to rag off the top coat. The second color actually went on as a dark brown, so I have no clue how this color came it's so inviting, warm, sophisticated, and was a lot of work, but well worth it. My new's made out of marble and I just love it. It's really heavy too. And to think, Scott picked this out. So maybe it's really mine... These are candle sticks that I had in my kitchen that were actually once a bone white. When I figured out that I wanted to bring in red as an accent color into our bedroom, I thought I would change the colors of these. So I painted them with acrylic red paint. Then went over them with a burnt umber and wiped it off of the surface. I love the out come. looks like they were always this color. And I once had 3 pieces, but one ended up getting broke and just looked so out of place in the kitchen. I was just playing around with the candles lit against the wall. See what kind of things I do in the middle of the This is my new vase I picked up today. I wasn't leaving the store without's actually the figure of the upper torse of a female body. This is made out of marble to. The filler are actuall bamboo in them until Scott buys me a dozen Here I was playing again with the candles. I love the soft glow this gives off. I stuck the candle behind the vase.

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Peggy said...

Hi Nanci! It's all gorgeous. I especially love the fishie! Enjoy your hard work.