Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Today was the Day!!!! As most of you know, I tried out for the Junkitz Design Team and didn't make it...:O( ....I really wanted to get on this team. I absolutely love their product. Not to mention, I think their team and designers are just the coolest. I made it to the top 34 out of 250 or so that entered. So I am really pleased with that. I never thought I'd make it that far. But hey, if you don't try, you never know. So I am content knowing that. I will just try again next year. Hey, third times a charm, right? We went and picked out our tree the other night. What a mistake that was. I had mentioned about going somewhere else this year, so Scott took us there. Only to find out that they had maybe 3 trees left on their lot. So we went to our usual that was back up the road. Come to find out, they weren't there this year. Can you believe that. It was like 6 o'clock at night and dark out. So I mentioned this other place that was way down the road. I thought I could entice him so he could get some Checkers for dinner. You know, road food. Not a bad place for fast food. One of Scotts favorite. But he doesn't get it to often. So we get there, and they are open for business (tree farm). We get out and it's so cold. I didn't even dress for the occasion. I don't know what the hell I was thinking. I thought a sweatshirt would be suffice. But it wasn't. So needless to say, we picked one out. It is so much smaller than our usual and it cost 50 bucks. I about had a heart attack. 50 bucks for that!!! LOL..Heck, I can stand and touch to top of the those who know me, know I'm short. So that should say Well, I am so glad that this Junkitz thing is done. Now I can get my life back in kiddin...I actually sewed 10 stockings together that the girls cut out last week for girl scouts. They are going to do the blanket stitch tonight so that they can earn their sewing badge...we are filling the stocking with things and taking them to an elderly home for them. Most of them don't have any family and Tricia thought this would be a great thing for the girls. Well I'm out of here for now. I really need to go and finish my tree..I'll take some photos later to post...I'm still working on getting the ones for our bedroom. I haven't forgotten you swamped right know, Junkitz and all...heehee...I hope everyone has a great night...let me know what you think about my submissions? Hugs from Charm City


Peggy said...

THey're nutz at Junkitz! What are they thinking?!?!? If I ever have a DT, you're guaranteed a spot!

Anonymous said...

What were they thinking??? I love them as usual!!! Short tree Huh??


Nancy said...

Thanks Peggy and Deb...I've done my sulking...I went shopping for some more scrap stuff...not that I needed any more, but hey, I feel better