Saturday, December 24, 2005

Happy Christmas Eve I wanted to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We are off to go and see santa this morning. I know, waiting for the last minute is not a good thing. But hey, when you are totally busy, things happen. Last night I just received an e-mail that said I was a finialist for a design team. I answered the questions and sent it back. A little while later, I get an e-mail that congratulated me to their team. I am so syked. I have been trying to get on a design team for awhile now. I was wondering if it was something I was saying, doing, not making or just how I scrapped that no one wanted to me to be on their team. I guess I was just getting the holiday blues. But this has made my day and I can't wait to share it with Scott. Like he'll be all excited for did understand how I wanted to be on the other team I just tried out for. But I guess this is what the man above intended for me instead. There's even an offer for me to go to Vegas for the CHA show the end of January. I am so hoping that I can make this show. I have always longed to go there. Oh well, enough of that for now..I will let you know more details as soon as I can... The above project is my unloved 3-D project I made for the Junkitz Design Team call...heck, they didn't even want to purchase this one...oh'll make someone a happy camper when they get it for their birthday with goodies inside. The zipper on the top is totally functional. And I took a couple binderz and took them apart for added elements for the sides of the box... Well I'm off for now. I hope everyone has a wonderful day...and thanks for stopping in... Hugs from Charm City

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Check out my new cool lense...

I just got this new lense today. It's like an octagon/kaleidoscope one. It is soo cool. This is a photo I took after we left the camera store just playing. I can't wait to figure it totally out and get some cool ones.

Our house smells alot like Christmas. Scott is in the kitchen baking his famous choc. chip cookies. Making the dough for his peanut butter cookies for tomorrow to bake. He has these recipes he's gotten from his Mom and he makes them every year. I love to see a man in the kitchen. Although he won't let me take his photo so I can scrap it. But I'll try to sneak one in so you all can see him. Maybe I can even get him to chance. Kaitlynn and I are doing the cut out and hersey kiss drops tomorrow after she gets out of school. So that will be fun.

I took some other photos of our house with the lights. Tricia and Scott didn't do much outside, but it still looks nice. I just need to add something under the front window. It looks kind of bare there...sorry it's not the best photo, but I'm still learning...

I'm off tomorrow to finish up my last minute shopping and to get my hair cut for the holidays. I am really lovin my hair short, so I'm sure I'll go with a new doo of some sort like that.

I hope everyone has a wonderful night. Hope to chat with you all tomorrow...

Hugs from a very brisk Charm City

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

It's starting to look alot like Christmas.... I wanted to share some of the photos I took tonight. I am still trying to learn my camera, so I play alot with different settings and such. The first one is one of our tree. Not that great of one yet, but I'm still trying. The spiral tree is one of 2 that we have in our front yard. The santa is our welcome santa that is at our front door and plays different music. He's a cutie. And I had to post my Mark Martin ornament just for my friend Debbie. I'm sure she has plenty of Dale on her tree, but I just wanted to share one of mine that's on ours every year. The angel came out so pretty and I just had to share her. If you look closely, you can see me in the colored matter how hard I tried to stay out of the photo, you could either see me or my camera in each one that I took. But I still love how it turned out. I can't believe it's been 15 years since I purchaed the snowman scene one. How time flies when you're having the last one, is one of the stocking holders we have to hold a stocking for santa to fill on Christmas. I hope everyone is doing great. We are almost ready for Christmas. We are having a total of 24 family members here for dinner. Our little house really doesn't hold that many people at once, so this will be very interesting on how it turns out. We have a 25lb. turkey and my mother in law is cooking the ham. Oh how I love dinners like this. It's just to bad that we don't do this more often throughout the year. Well I'm off to bed. Scott and I are on our way down to the camera shop tomorrow morning. He said he will get me my lenses that was on top of my Christmas list for my camera. I would love to get a new tri pod to, but I don't think that's in the cards right now. I hope everyone has a wonderful Thursday. Stay safe and try to stay warm... Hugs from Chram City

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Here's one I made yesterday... Another snowman on our tree...I think it's been taken over by Poem Reads: I’m a little snowman white and fat. I can wear a scarf, or even a hat. My eyes are shiny and my nose maybe to long. However they make me, really isn’t wrong. I love to stand and glisten in the sun. But when it gets to hot, oh no, I’ll be gone. -------LaTourelle
Happy Sunday Just a quick good morning to everyone. Here's a fun layout I made while everyone was sleeping. It's an ornament that my friend Debbie sent me last year for Christmas. Thanks Deb...I loved all 3 pieces... they look great hanging on our Christmas tree. I finally found some of that Blitzen Basic Grey here, so I had Scott take me down to the store so I could get some..I am soo loving this line from them... Well, I'm off to make some french taost for everyone. Kaitlynn had a friend stay the night and they are painting right now. But I know they are pretty hungry. So off I go... Hugs from Charm City

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Today was the Day!!!! As most of you know, I tried out for the Junkitz Design Team and didn't make it...:O( ....I really wanted to get on this team. I absolutely love their product. Not to mention, I think their team and designers are just the coolest. I made it to the top 34 out of 250 or so that entered. So I am really pleased with that. I never thought I'd make it that far. But hey, if you don't try, you never know. So I am content knowing that. I will just try again next year. Hey, third times a charm, right? We went and picked out our tree the other night. What a mistake that was. I had mentioned about going somewhere else this year, so Scott took us there. Only to find out that they had maybe 3 trees left on their lot. So we went to our usual that was back up the road. Come to find out, they weren't there this year. Can you believe that. It was like 6 o'clock at night and dark out. So I mentioned this other place that was way down the road. I thought I could entice him so he could get some Checkers for dinner. You know, road food. Not a bad place for fast food. One of Scotts favorite. But he doesn't get it to often. So we get there, and they are open for business (tree farm). We get out and it's so cold. I didn't even dress for the occasion. I don't know what the hell I was thinking. I thought a sweatshirt would be suffice. But it wasn't. So needless to say, we picked one out. It is so much smaller than our usual and it cost 50 bucks. I about had a heart attack. 50 bucks for that!!! LOL..Heck, I can stand and touch to top of the those who know me, know I'm short. So that should say Well, I am so glad that this Junkitz thing is done. Now I can get my life back in kiddin...I actually sewed 10 stockings together that the girls cut out last week for girl scouts. They are going to do the blanket stitch tonight so that they can earn their sewing badge...we are filling the stocking with things and taking them to an elderly home for them. Most of them don't have any family and Tricia thought this would be a great thing for the girls. Well I'm out of here for now. I really need to go and finish my tree..I'll take some photos later to post...I'm still working on getting the ones for our bedroom. I haven't forgotten you swamped right know, Junkitz and all...heehee...I hope everyone has a great night...let me know what you think about my submissions? Hugs from Charm City

Monday, December 12, 2005

A Little something something for the mommy to be!!!! I have to tell you that I am so loving these little boxes that I have been making. This is one that I made for Cammy's gift. I added some little embellies for scrapbooking and a little gift card to Target inside it for a baby gift. And it was the smallest size that the Chinese place here carries. So all of you ladies, run, don't walk, lol... to your local chinese place. But make sure you place an order first, and then ask if you can purchase a few boxes. They only charged me .25 cents for each one. A far cry from what the stores charge you...;O)....I am making some using Christmas wrapping paper and the curling ribbon. A much cheaper version instead of our very expensive scrappin supplies...heehee..oh, don't forget about those free laminate chips from Home Depot...they are great for a gift tag to hang on the side to ..I use the little tiny ones they have....I have also made another one for a birthday gift. The bigger boxes are great to add things soon as I get the final details on the Christmas one's, I'll post so you all can take a peek...I can't wait to see what everyone says when they get a little chinese box for
It's Monday again!!!!! Where do the days go. Can you believe that 2005 is almost over? 2006 is going to be here before you know it. I want to say thank you to all of my friends and family that have been in my life. It has been a great year. Although a little tough at times, but we've made it through it and I am thankful for that. It can only get better with each and every day. Yesterday I met up with a bunch of friends at an art studio. This was my first visit to one and thoroughly enjoyed it there. Not to mention the company was great. It was so nice to visit and chat with everyone in real time instead of over the net through e-mails or IM's. Everyone looked ravishing, especially Cammy. Yes girl, you!!! You see, she is about to have her baby in early 2006. A little girl!!! She had such a glow to her presence. Ok enough of that. I don't want to embarace her I met Steph for the first time yesterday. And her little boy was such a doll. He made everyone a beaded bracelet that was just soo cute. As soon as I got home and showed Kaitlynn, she just had to have it. So I shared it with her. But little does she know, as soon as the newness wears off and she leaves it laying around, I'll take ownership of it and store it away. Maybe even make a page with a pic of him and use that as a little embellishment on it. Sharon came with her little one too. And what a cutie pie he was. Just so adorable. You would have never known he was there. Quiet the whole time. But cute, he's just too cute and adorable. It was nice to see you again Sharon. With us living so close to each other, I hope that we can get together more. You know, we have an art studio right here at the Festival. How about meeting there sometime and let the girls hang out and make some art together? Well I want to share my 3 most favorite photos that I took yesterday. The ones above are of Steph's son, Cammy and Sharon with Sharon's little one. I hope you all like them as much as I do. I hope that everyone has a great week ahead. Hugs from Charm City

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Happy Saturday

Here's a layout that I made yesterday for a design team that I'm shooting for. The first part of it is color. I used those lovely papers from Bo Bunny Press and added in the non traditional color of red to spice it up abit. I also got out some sealing wax, heated it and added the flower eyelet in the middle for an added touch to. This is a photo of Aunt Rene and I taken back in September while she was here for a visit from Florida. She is the coolest 80 something lady I have ever met. I can't wait for her visit here next summer. She always comes here when it's hurricane weather down there.

I spent my morning wrapping presents. Since Kaitlynn stayed at her friends house last night, I thought it was the perfect time to get them all out and wrap..she's going to be going through them though to see if she has anything in there, I

Well today is another day of shopping and getting ready for my visit to meet some friends tomorrow. It should be a great day. We haven't seen each other since last Christmas.

Well I'm off. My mother in law is coming today so I need to get a few things done.

Hugs from a very cold Charm City

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Ok twice in one day...let alone with in just snapped some of these photos and thought I'd share them...I've had some ask me to post some, so here are a couple until I can get our room totally organized so that I can take photos of it... Hugs again... Wall and border--the wall looks so much more warm and golden, than it looks here. I used a cream color background, then painted on a brown glaze with the funky roller. Then used a wet rag to rag off the top coat. The second color actually went on as a dark brown, so I have no clue how this color came it's so inviting, warm, sophisticated, and was a lot of work, but well worth it. My new's made out of marble and I just love it. It's really heavy too. And to think, Scott picked this out. So maybe it's really mine... These are candle sticks that I had in my kitchen that were actually once a bone white. When I figured out that I wanted to bring in red as an accent color into our bedroom, I thought I would change the colors of these. So I painted them with acrylic red paint. Then went over them with a burnt umber and wiped it off of the surface. I love the out come. looks like they were always this color. And I once had 3 pieces, but one ended up getting broke and just looked so out of place in the kitchen. I was just playing around with the candles lit against the wall. See what kind of things I do in the middle of the This is my new vase I picked up today. I wasn't leaving the store without's actually the figure of the upper torse of a female body. This is made out of marble to. The filler are actuall bamboo in them until Scott buys me a dozen Here I was playing again with the candles. I love the soft glow this gives off. I stuck the candle behind the vase.
This is a book I made for a friend for her birthday awhile ago. The cover I used crackle on it. Happy Hump Day It's 2 o'clock in the morning and I'm sitting here waiting for my coffee to finish brewing. Man, my sleeping schedule is so screwed up right now. I fell asleep around 5:30 last night and got up at 12. So needless to say, I'm up for awhile. I'm sitting here working on some flyers for Scott. I'm using my rollagraph to make a snowflake border around them. All 15oo flyers. It's crazy. I have half of one box completed already and thought I would take a break and do an update here. So today we went off to the store to return the end table. We also picked out a new lamp, a couple framed art pieces, candle holders and a couple pieces of art. Oh and can't forget the bedside steps for me. You all know how short I now I"ll be able to get up into the bed easier. Not to mention I'll be able to see what's in the top drawers and get to the top of the master chest. I can remember when I was younger how I was taller than my mother. Now my children look down at me (with the exception of our little one). How ironic, huh. Then we went off to Mikes. Yep, Scott even went inside this time. But we were looking for something for him, but nonetheless, he went inside instead of sitting in the truck waiting for So come Friday, my lamp and steps get delivered. While we were at the furniture store, you couldn't believe how it was, I'm sorry, yes mam/sir. Sure we can do that for you. No problem. (Just get your crap and get out of here so the rest of the customers won't know what no but really, the store manager was really nice, and really did what he could to service us and our needs. So that was cool. But I will have to say, I just don't know when we go to redo the next 2 rooms if we will go back there again. I can't wait to find a fountain to go on the smaller chest. I'm trying to build an oasis here, so I thought that would be a great additive to the equation. Bonnie--when you get to read this, I hope everything went great for you at the doctors. Let me know what he said. Well I'm off for now. I hope everyone has a great hump day... Hugs from Charm City

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

I thought I'd share these little laminate books that I made for raks. I really love them. I kept 2 of them for myself and they fit so perfectly in my purse for that on the go inspiration. I had seen one on Crafter's Coast to Coast, and just had to make some. So those laminate chips that we all got from Home Depot a couple of years ago are still great to use. So ladies, get them back out. Let your imagination flow and see what you can come up with. I know a friend of mine made a birthday card book out of a couple. I just thought I'd share. So if you make something, please post. I'd love to see where your creativeness went with these little freebies. Hugs from Charm City
I DID IT!!! I finally sent my work off to a couple of places that were looking for people to help fill their design teams. Other than Junkitz(which I think I posted down below) I sent some of my work off for the new magazine, Scrapbook Answers. And then after that, I e-mailed my resume to a company to apply for a job over the internet. This is something that I'm new at. I've never applied for a job over the net. So I hope I did it right. I woke up early again this morning, only to find out that I don't have any creamer for my coffee. UGH!!! I really don't like the taste of coffee, but I drink it for the pick me up first thing in the morning. So when I didn't have my creamer, I was alittle bummed. I love the taste of Irish Creamer in it, and without it, it doesn't taste to good. So I got out my old stand in, chocolate mocha dry creamer. It will do for now, but I have to make sure that I get the other. Ok, the sogga about the furniture continues. They came this past Friday and delivered the rest of it. And then someone coming out to put together the bookshelves. No one showed up. When I called, the department manager said he would have someone out here first thing on Monday morning. I wasn't happy, but I went with it. I'm just tired of calling and fighting to get this delivery right. Well unbenounced to me, Scott had called and told them if they didn't get someone out here (Friday) then they would have $7,000.00 worth of their furniture in our front yard sitting out for the trash. WOWZERS!!! I guess he was getting kind of mad to. So I get this call from the manager that he is almost to my house. WHAT!! I had no idea that he was coming. I'm still in my jammies (all day and I was trying to clean up my kitchen and put things that needed to be in the cases, somewhere through out the house. I really wanted my kitchen back so we could have a real meal. Well it continues. The guy got here, put together the bookcases and then in a scurry, left. I thought because it was Friday, that he just wanted to get home to be with his family. Well upon looking at them more closely, I found a great big nick in one of them, and there is a peg missing from one of the shelves so it doesn't sit right. You can't use that one or things will drop to the next level. Can you believe that!!! Not one word from him!!! And he's a department manager!!!! Not to mention, that one of the guides to a drawer is broken on the master chest. And there are a few nicks in the side of that one. But I have to say that the store manager has been so helpful in this matter. He totally moved up our delivery of the furniture that was missing, and had someone scheduled to come out to put the cases together. So yesterday he got another call from Scott. He's got someone coming out next Monday to check out the problems to see if he can fix them, or if we have to send them back to get replacements. We'll see how that goes. And today we are off to the store to take back one of the end tables. Our living room is just to small to have both of them in there. Now if I can 'only get rid of my rocking chair and the recliner. Then I'll be set in there. But over all, I love the new sectional. It's comfy. I love that we decided to get the hide a bed for company. I don't know if they will love the idea though... LOL... Don't know if that's comfy. So there you have it. The sogga continues. I so hope this goes away soon. But overall, the house is coming back in order. Little by little. Our room is looking soooo cool. Scott even loves it. So that makes me really happy. And I'm so glad that he let me do the color scheme with the glazing on the walls. It's got the look I was wanting and hoping for. Warm, romantic and classy. I still need to make/purchase some accent pieces for the room, but over all it's almost complete. I'll post some pics at a later date for everyone that has been wanting to check out the new room. So how's everyone's holidays coming along? Ours really isn't yet. Have you ever had a year where you really didn't want to get out those decorations? Well, mine has come. I am so dreading getting them out. But with a little one still at home, we have to decorate. It just wouldn't be Christmas for her. Well, I'm off to type up this letter from Scott that he needs today. So I hope everyone has a wonderful Tuesday. It snowed finally yesterday here, but not enough for me. I'm hoping that our little one can make a snowman after school today. Hugs from a SNOWY Charm City