Thursday, December 22, 2005

Check out my new cool lense...

I just got this new lense today. It's like an octagon/kaleidoscope one. It is soo cool. This is a photo I took after we left the camera store just playing. I can't wait to figure it totally out and get some cool ones.

Our house smells alot like Christmas. Scott is in the kitchen baking his famous choc. chip cookies. Making the dough for his peanut butter cookies for tomorrow to bake. He has these recipes he's gotten from his Mom and he makes them every year. I love to see a man in the kitchen. Although he won't let me take his photo so I can scrap it. But I'll try to sneak one in so you all can see him. Maybe I can even get him to chance. Kaitlynn and I are doing the cut out and hersey kiss drops tomorrow after she gets out of school. So that will be fun.

I took some other photos of our house with the lights. Tricia and Scott didn't do much outside, but it still looks nice. I just need to add something under the front window. It looks kind of bare there...sorry it's not the best photo, but I'm still learning...

I'm off tomorrow to finish up my last minute shopping and to get my hair cut for the holidays. I am really lovin my hair short, so I'm sure I'll go with a new doo of some sort like that.

I hope everyone has a wonderful night. Hope to chat with you all tomorrow...

Hugs from a very brisk Charm City

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