Wednesday, March 25, 2015

3d Lighted Love decoration

 Happy Wednesday's your day going so far?  The project below is one that I made for Valentine's Day. I used 2 different kits from SVG CUTS to make this. I just wanted to make a piece of art that lit up....each box has a little bag of sand to give it some weight....ENJOY!!!

front view...I used some pretty heavy wire and formed it around the cut out heart that I formed into an open heart for the votive to go... 
top view 
front view...after a white wash was added to mute the colors..

little bags of sand inside each box and then topped off with newspaper...this just helps the box from clasping onto itself... 

used Diamond this before gluing vellum down..

just a view of how the box is put together...
Well that's all I have for today..I do have other projects that I'm planning on sharing...I hope everyone has a wonderful day...hugs from a brisk Charm City..

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

A Leprechaun Trap lighted candy box

 Happy hump day bloggers. It's been a little bit since I've updated...How the heck is everyone doing? Me, not to bad. There's been better days but today seems to be a good day so far. I have been crafting lately. The project below is a leprechaun trap. Well my version of it opens up and is a candy dish. The front door has a light up inside that can be turned on and off.. Enjoy!!!
now what little leprechaun wouldn't be enticed to climb that ladder and go inside to get some green used the Gold Coin kit from SVG CUTS...the house is made up of 2 layers of cardstock and glued to each other to make it sturdier. I put a layer of modeling paste to the outside of the house and then painted and then used wood stain to stain it. I glued moss and colored stones to add around the pub. ..spray painted the trees and added some 3d stickers...the ladder was made using balsa wood and a dowel...
inside of bottom 
front view without ladder 
side view 
other side view 
back view 
I left this un-done...I'm adding Velcro instead of gluing it down. This will be easier to turn the light on and off and to change the battery... 
here's what the light looks like...I added a sticker to the front...I get all of my lite up stuff from  if you are interested....they have some really cool and unique stuff that you can add to your crafting...I love this place...
Well that's all I have for today...I do have a few more projects that I'll share...I hope you all have a wonderful day.....hugs from a very cold Charm City....