Monday, October 26, 2009

Halloween and Christmas Sets

Happy Monday everyone. Well maybe happy for some, but my morning took a turn for the worse. I was working earlier and as I was driving, my truck just totally stopped. Shut down. No warning or anything. We just had her (Betsy, that's her name) in the shop a week back. Thought everything was a-okay. Good to go. You know what I mean. But nope, this morning she decided she didn't want to go any farther. I was out in the country, dark, deserted, and alittle on the chilly side when she decided to quit. (This sounds like a story for a So I had to call DH and he came and picked me up and she got towed into town ( a couple hours later though). So needless to say, I have no wheels right now and it really bothers me. You ever get that feeling? You just want to go somewhere when your car is in the shop? I get it everytime Betsy's in there. Anywhoo, That's how my morning has gone so far. Not a good way to start the week off. And not another bill from the shop. We are really not liking the bills from them lately. We just got DH's van out this past Saturday. He had a shock break last Friday. Had to replace both and that was a heathy bill. DH thinks it could be my fuel pump. And from what he says that's a really big bill. Not one we are going to be liking. On a lighter note, here's a couple of sets that I made this past weekend. One is for Christmas this year to add some goodies inside the box. And the other is for Halloween. The Halloween card is an easel card. I just had to finally break down and make one. The are really cool looking so I had to give it a try. Not hard at all to make. I'll add all of the deets to them below the first photo. I am so proud of myself. I actually have all of what I cut out and the sizes this time...Enjoy!!!
Card: is 4X4
Paperdolls cart: castle-- 2 1/2"
tree--3 1/2"
Storybook--dare letters--1"
Martha Stewert fence and doily punch
Shaker Box:
Tags Bags and Boxes cart: cut shaker box (pg 122) with the window @ 6 1/4"
Paperdolls cart: ghost--3"
This set is nothing fancy, just a quick put together trying to play alittle.
side view
Merry Christmas Set: I am so sorry for the color in this set. It looks so much prettier in real life. I embossed the background that isn't showing up much either...
Card: Winter Woodland Cart:
branch--2 1/2"
bird--2 1/2"
Box: Winter Woodland, Storybook and Tags Bags and Boxes carts
Box: match1 (top) 8 1/4" (TBB)
match1 (bottom) 8"
branch--1 1/2" (winter woodland)
bird--1 1/2"
marqu1--3" (storybook)
Sizzix embossing folder--Martha Stewert leaf and doily punches
Well that's all I have for today. Have a great week..Hugs from Charm City


TG said...

Hi Nancy, so sorry to hear about Betsy, i hope it's not gonna be such a big expense for you, and yes it really bugs me too when i have no wheels to use.
Great projects!!! i love them all, now you've made me want the Winter Woodland cart. I just made an easel card too recently, aren't they just fab?
Hugs Tracy x

DonnaMundinger said...

Oh yeah, I know the feeling. We have 3 vehicles for 2 people but only one I can drive (because I'm so short and can't reach the clutch for the stick shifts) and which is the one that always is a problem? You guessed it! I'm really loving your sets! Now I want to try a match book. Can't believe I never have! xxD

Pia said...

wow so sweet xmas card, lovely details and colours.