Friday, February 24, 2006

It's Finally Friday Not that it matters to me any longer, but I just thought I'd put that out there for those of you that it matters to. It's been wow these past few weeks. Been crazy busy here. Between work and working on projects. Work was going great until my hip and back started killing me. Was doing a lot of hours working the store, and it was just to much on it I guess. So I had a chat with the acting manager and I'll be doing more classroom things instead so I won't be on them a much. I'm saddened to find out that an LSS that I taught at for years is closing. This Saturday is her last day open. I'm going to make a trip down to see her today and pick up some goodies. She's offering 60% off everything left in the store. I hope there is some good things left. It's quite a hop down to her store. But it'll be nice to see and chat with her again. We haven't chatted in so long. Well I just wanted to pop in here and say HI. I can't wait to share with you the new site that's coming. You'll all love it .... Have a great weekend.... Hugs from Charm City