Wednesday, February 13, 2013

HELLOOO Blogland Remember Me???

Happy Hump Day Bloggers...I know, I know, it's been like forever and a day since my last post. There has been so many family issues going on here with my in-laws that life has been so very hectic for all of us here.  Just when you think it's about to settle down it's speeds back up. Although I haven't been here on my blog, I have been doing home projects ehre around the house that I really would love the share. I have been taking pictures along the way, I just haven't had time to share.
I hope I find everyone happy and healthy in this new year. It's a mixed baggage here. We are gearing up for our St. Patty's Day Party in a few weeks. And if you remember the past few years it's always a blast. I can't wait to get some of our new light ups that will be hitting our door stop here in a few days. WOOTY WOOT WOOT!!!!
Today I'd love to share a Valentine's project/gift I made for my MIL and FIL. My MIL has been abit under the weather. So I thought she'd like a handmade gift this year. She's a crafter herself, so I know this will be loved......ENJOY!!!!
come inside and see all the jewels I have
here's the shoe box I used and covered it with brown paper that comes in a roll
i painted the canvas stained the paper mache flower pot and added a couple of bunches of flowers..sorry the pic is horrible....
here's the total gift package....decorated canvas with a dozen roses, boxes of chocolate and a Valentine's Day card!!!!
Here's the canvas that I decorated.

                                            inside of card.... 

                                                  inside of box

 here's the final look....So do ya think they'll like to receive this? I think they
                                                                                 Well I do hope that you enjoy my little project that I have created....ohhh it felt so good to be back in my hope you all stay safe...we are getting some snow here tonight.....Hugs from a chilly Charm City....