Thursday, May 25, 2006

As Promised--- Here is a photo of our little newest addition Noah. Isn't he just precious? He's so cute and cuddley. But all he does is sleep as most newborns do. I do have some other photos of him but I'm just to tired to go get the camera and upload them to my computer. So I hope you like this one for now. Our daughter came out the other day for a visit for the week and this is what I woke up to the other morning after they got in late. How cute is that. This is our first grandbaby. Oh how she has grown since my last visit in October back home. She even has hair now. And curley. She has tons of curley hair. She just turned 2 the first of May, so she's well into those dreaded terribles. My house shows she is with a big 'ol cheesey on her face... How can you resist that face. She has the gleem in her eyes and the spunk in her soul. I'm so going to miss them when they go back home. But they will be back in July to go on vacation with us at the beach. So that will be cool. Get to play with her in the sand and surf. Our anniversary was the other day. We went down to a place for dinner where we hadn't been to in so long, Bay Cafe. It's right on the water. What great timing we had. Beautiful day, good food and great company, my husband. We even had a visitor, a duck. She just waddled her way into where we were sitting. Here's some photos from there I'd thought I'd share with you. Ok so yesterday was my birthday. Scott has been getting me for the past week with telling everyone. It first started while we were down at the beach and the DJ's announced it to everyone. Then he called the radio station and if that wasn't enough, he even sent an e-mail to my boss to tell her to make sure everyone at work knew about it. How cruel is that. I mean, I'm not tryin to remember my birthdays anylonger, but trying to forget I even have them anymore. He is not helping here. Did you hear me Scott, you are not helping!!! Now remember, next year I am in hybernation. I will not come out til it has pass. lol...I know you will be doing something since it's a big but on a lighter note, we did have a great time yesterday at this place called Dave & Busters. It was way to cool. It's like a grown up chuckie cheese. We played a game of bowling, went to the midway (as they call it) and had a great dinner. This is one place we will be coming back to again. Not to mention they even had a pool hall. Everyone that knows me, knows I love to play pool. Well I hope everyone has enjoyed my little (but long) update. I hope it won't be to long before my next one. Oh, I do have to say though, that I am so stoked about being a finialist for the Paper House Productions design team. I so hope I get on this team. I love so many of the ladies that is already on it and would love to have the chance to design and work with them again. Thank you PHP. You all so ROCK in my book. Well I'm off to get ready for the Thursday meeting I have downtown. I so love sitting in traffic once again. Thank goodness it's only one day a week instead of Hugs from Charm City

Monday, May 15, 2006

Happy Monday and Belated Mother's Day Everyone I come to you from my hotel room at the beach over looking the Atlantic Ocean. The sound of the waves hitting up against the shore is just so relaxing. I wanted to share some pics I took this morning of our sunrise. It's been cold and rainy here, so when the sun showed up this morning, I just had to share. The photo of the horses playing I took the other day where I so love to go when we come down. These two were just having a blast chasing each other playing on the beach. I love how they are kicking up the sand underneath their feet. I know I've said this a thousand times before, but if you ever get this way you have to go to Asseteague Island here in Ocean City Maryland. These horses are just so cool. We didn't get to see any of the deer this time, and most of the horses weren't out, but we did get to see these guys. I have some great news to share with everyone. Most already knows but for the ones that don't, my daughter had her baby a couple of weeks back. She had a little baby boy. Noah -Michael Troy Scott-. Yes, you read that right. And that's only his first and middle names. She gave him three names for his middle. After their dad's in her and her husbands life. And their last name is a long one too..So needless to say, I hope he doen't have to write that one to many times in his don't have any pics yet, but as soon as I do I will surely post them. We also have another new addition to our family. My brother in law and S. other just had their baby a few days before Noah to. They had a bouncing baby girl, Sophia Marie. Such a pretty name for a beautiful baby. Here's her photo. So what do you think? Isn't she just the cutest? So this is it for now. Well wait, I do have to say thanks to the ladies the other night at the chat for putting up with me. I was in rare form that night. You see, I don't get out much and let loose like that. So thanks. You all were so cool to hang out with. And I would like to say Happy Belated Mother's Day to you ladies. I don't know where my manners were, but I did forget to tell you all that. And to answer your question to what we were chatting about, YES I know what I'm talking about...heehee...I might take you up on the offer Rose/Deb...I'm hoping to see you this Saturday at the chat. Love ya gals... Well I hope everyone has a wonderful day/week ahead. Hugs from Charm/Ocean City