Wednesday, March 25, 2015

3d Lighted Love decoration

 Happy Wednesday's your day going so far?  The project below is one that I made for Valentine's Day. I used 2 different kits from SVG CUTS to make this. I just wanted to make a piece of art that lit up....each box has a little bag of sand to give it some weight....ENJOY!!!

front view...I used some pretty heavy wire and formed it around the cut out heart that I formed into an open heart for the votive to go... 
top view 
front view...after a white wash was added to mute the colors..

little bags of sand inside each box and then topped off with newspaper...this just helps the box from clasping onto itself... 

used Diamond this before gluing vellum down..

just a view of how the box is put together...
Well that's all I have for today..I do have other projects that I'm planning on sharing...I hope everyone has a wonderful day...hugs from a brisk Charm City..

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