Saturday, August 08, 2009

2S4Y--Kazon #32--Grandma's Secret Cookie Recipe

Happy Saturday everyone. Here's a card I made this week for Kazon's sketch over at 2S4Y. I had alot of fun making this card. I thought this would be a fun way to send Grandma's secret cookie recipe to our DD that lives in Michigan. I used one of those coin envies that you get from the stationary shop. The stitching around the edges didn't turn out so good, but I kind of like it. It reminds me of it being aged by the stitching falling out. Thanks for a great sketch to play with Kazon.
I made a double sided pocket to go inside the envie to hold the ingredients on one side and the how to on the other side.
I have to show you these really (I think) cool photos that I made using a couple programs. Next week is DD's birthday. We decided to get her her own digi camera. This morning I opened the box and some software came in it. I wanted to load everything so when she got her camera she would be ready to go. Well, there was this really cool program called Morpheus on it. So I started playing around with an old photo just to see what it would do. I just love it. I am invisioning myself using this program alot to distort first photo I made using the program. The other photos I used Paint Shop Pro on top of the first photo using different effects that come with the program. I have been up since about 2am this morning and this is what I have been playing with. here and you can download a free trial version of this software. Just a little tidbit, I did notice that it took the photo and did an automatic sizing. I had to go into the timeline drop down menu at the top and changed it to the biggest size available to be able to print a nice size photo. You can save to avi files, animation or just a plain jpeg. There are other ones there to, but these were the one's that I was interested in. So if you try this software out, I'd love to see what you make with it. It's really alot of fun to play with.
above photo is the original
above photo is how I distorted it using the Morpheus program
the above photo I used pencil in the effects menu using Paint Shop Pro. I also added starbursts and sunlight to the second layer before changing it to pencil...
above photo I used topography in the effects menu using Paint Shop Pro
Thanks for stopping in this morning and I hope you all ahve a lovely weekend. Hugs from a very muggy Charm City


cheryln said...

what an absolutely fabulous card! love it in every way possible! fun pics!

Kazan Clark said...

gorgeous card and fun pictures - Thanks for sharing

DonnaMundinger said...

Gorgeous card Nancy! See, that's my problem, I take sketches WAY too literally. What a keepsake for your daughter! I SO LOVE your style! And how fun are those pix!?! I know I would get lost in that and never get anything accomplished. xxD

TG said...

Gorgeous card Nancy.
That photo effect is fab, soo funny. Hope you are having a lovely Sunday.
Hugs T x

KimmyS said...

That card with the secret pocket is AMAZING. I am totally in awe of your wonderful card. NO wonder it made the Fab Five! Congratulations and thanks for the giggle - those photos are a hoot

Smriti said...

Such a wonderful card! Congratulations on beeing the Fab five!