Thursday, January 26, 2006

Today's the Day Today is the first day of my real DIET. I can't believe I said that. Not to mention writing those letters. I am so disgustingly over weight. The most I have ever weighed in my lifetime. And it's time I do something about it. I went out and purchased a scale to weigh in on every week. I'm going to do it right. The weighing in and measuring once a week. Now I need to make a book to capture all of these mussings from my journey. Scott is even doing this to. So maybe I'll make him his own book. Maybe not. Don't know if he will write his mussings in a book, but I'll ask. But I know for me, I'm shooting for May as my first goal. They open Seacrets back up then and I want to look some what decent when we go back down there to PARTY. So wish us luck. We are on a mission. For the first time in my life I purchased weight watchers, lean cruisine and heathly choice dinners yesterday. We are reading packages and comparing info to what other things we would have picked up instead. And let me tell you. It was such an eye opener. I couldn't believe what I have been putting into this body for years and not thinking anything about it. And to tell you the truth, those dinners are actually pretty tasty. But they do leave abit of a hole in the belly. I am now a proud worker b. I got a job the other day when I went on another interview. The lady that I will be working with is just the coolest. I get paid to scrap. What better kind of job is there. Well ok, other than getting a photography job, this is second to I am coming along with my new layouts that I needed to replace the first ones made for HOF. I am all finished with them but one. So I'm hoping to get this done today sometime so I can get get everything put together and off into the mail. I also received my first package the other day from the Design Team that I'm on. And my oh my. That was one awesom package. I can't wait to play with all of the goodies she sent. And I can't wait to tell you all where's it at. You will so love this new place on the net. I am so blessed to be in company with some extremely and creative scrappers/designeres. I can't wait to see all of their creations. They will all knock your socks off. The unveiling will be soon. So keep checking back.... Well, I'm out of here. I need to go and put laundry away, try and figure out how to cook a tenderloin that's not BAD for the anyone would like to share recipes for the weight watcher kind of thing, please, by all means do. I need so much help in this category. Hugs from a very windy Charm City


Pam Cooper said...

Nancy: I have a ton of WW recipes. I have been following their diet for years (more off than on, I hate to admit) but I do have some good recipes. I will gather them together and email them to you if you would like. I read your blog now and then. Don't know if you remember me or not but I'm Pam C. from Texas (sent you the silverware punch in a Secret Pal swap)a couple of years ago.

Also can't wait to see the stuff from the design team you're on.

Take care,

Peggy said...

Hi Nancy!
Will you encourage me to get going with my diet? It was supposed to start at the beginning of the year, but, well, . . . . . .

Can't wait to see your DT stuff! And good luck with HOF.

Deb said...

Congrats on the new Diet thing...I am trying too!! Will you help me out?? We can encourage each other from the distance...send me some great WW recipes please


Nancy said...

Good Morning Pam,

How the heck have you been? I remember you...That was so sweet of you to send me that punch. I remember I wanted that so bad, and you had gotten it for me. That was just so sweet.

If you ever get a chance and think about it, I would love some of your recipes. This is all a new thing to me, so any help is greatly appreciated. This Paula Dean cooking show is going to kill love watching her, but her recipes are not friendly to the

So how have you and your family been? How has this year been so far? Ours is coming along. I'm so thankful that I got a job, the room is finished and we're all in good health.

Well, I hope that you have a great week ahead. Thanks for stopping in and saying hi and offering some of your recipes...


Nancy said...

Good Morning Deb and Peggy----The four of us can support each cool is that...what a great suport group...and I'll share some with you if Pam sends me some recipes ....

Thanks for the good luck Peggy...I can't wait to share with you the new's going to be rocking....

Have a great week girls!!!!