Tuesday, November 01, 2005

It's the day after Halloween---do you know where your kids candy is? Happy November 1st....I got back from my vacation to the tundra country (as my husband calls it) a couple days ago. I stayed an extra week from my original plan. It was so great to visit with family and friends. I even got to visit with people that I hadn't seen in 15 years or so. Oh how time flies when you get older. So this is the costume that I made for Kaitlynn for Halloween. She was a swamp girl. With me staying the extra week, it put me in a bind to get this together. It literally took me all day yesterday to make this. Right up to the time she had to leave to go trick or treating. But I like the outcome and so did she, so I guess that's what counts. I used alot of chesse cloth...and the face really didn't turn out the way I had hoped for. But all in all, it looked great. Well it's been a quiet day here. I really needed it. It's been busy since I got back that I'm glad that I could just hang out. It felt good to take an afternoon nap and rejuvenate to try and scrap some of the tons of photos I took while in Michigan. Speaking of photos, I had a disc made at Wally World and I get back and there were no pics on it. My heart sank. I had already deleted the files from my camera. I had some really special shots of family and friends, not to mention the hours I drove around up at the lakes taking photos of different things. So I called them and they are making me a new disc and printing the photos (all 235 of them) for me to end to me here.....Now if that isn't customer service, I don't know what is. Although I had alot of problems with them while I was there. Something wasn't right everytime I would go and pick my pictures/disc up. The one kid would see me coming and called me the picture the screen name, picture he only daughter calls me neurotic..heehee... oh well, so I have some quarks about me... Well, this has gotten longer than I had expected. Sorry it has taken me so long to update. But I'm back at home now and hope to update more often... Hugs from a very warm Charm City


Peggy said...

Hi Nancy! Glad you're home safe and sound from vacation! I check your blog on a regular basis, so keep on posting, and sharing your photos and lo's!


Anonymous said...

Welcome Home Nancy. Your DD looks so scary........heehee....and cute at the same time. I think the face looks just fine. Sorry you had a hard time with Wal*Mart but I am glad to hear they are going out of their way to make you happy. Can't wait to see what new LO's you come up with for all of your new pictures...and I do mean
Glad you back!

Nancy said...

Thanks Peggy and Bonnie for stopping in and saying HI...I hope you both have a great night ahead...