Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Happy Hump Day I know I needed to update my blog. Sorry guys...I have been on this creative thing these past couple of days. I finally received all of my photos from Wally World. Not to mention all of the photos that I had printed while I was there. So these are what I have been able to add to our album. I have so many more to do. I got alot of inspiration in various places on the net for some of these ideas. So I can't take the credit for all of the work here...I love this internet. There are so many tallented and very creative people out here and they graciously share their work. Thank You... So on a lighter note, well not lighter, but another took me off shopping the other morning for bedroom furniture and we walked out of there with new bedroom and livingroom furniture. WOWZERS!!! Do we have alot of work ahead of us these next few weeks. Especially our bedroom. We have not touched that room since we moved into our house about 8 years ago. Does that give you a he was on a mission to get this finished before Christmas this year. And his wish is coming true. I just can't wait... I went and picked out all of the materials and trimmings to make Kaitlynn's theatre curtain for her bedroom. I think it' going to look so cool when I finally get it sewed and put up in there. I'll have to take a photo when it's finished so everyone can see it. Well I'm off for now. Tonight's girl scouts meeting here. I hope everyone enjoys their evening and all of the layouts I have shared above. Drop me a line and say hi. I'd love to hear from you. And I'll try not to let it go so long before my next update. Hugs from a very comfortable Charm City


Kip said...

I love all your stuff- you are so creative!! Wonderful LO's!


Nancy said...

thank you's nice to see you here. I stop in over at your blog but I haven't left a post in awhile. Sorry...I'll make it a point to say HI the next time I stop in.


peggy said...

Hi Nancy!

I'm glad to see that you've been so creative. I always love looking at your lo's! Thanks for posting them. See you soon.


Anonymous said...

Wow GF....I love them all but the one of you and your GD is by far my favorite...that is one great picture of the two of you.
As always thanks for sharing your talent.