Saturday, October 08, 2005

It's a starfish..or so we thought

Remember when we use to call these starfishes? That's what I have been calling them ever since I was a little girl. Well unbenounced to me, they changed their name because they really aren't a "fish". But for the life of me, I can't remember their new name. I found out this little piece of tidbit while on an adventure while at the beach last week. We really enjoyed the cruize out on the bay and over to Asseteague Island. (By the way, that's where Scott and I got married. On the beach...)

But back to the cruize. It was really enlightening. Was like a history lesson. Another piece of tidbit was that the boat that they used in the Perfect storm, the Andrea Gail, came right out of the harbor we toured through. I wish I was like a sponge, they shared so many history lessons with us that day.

The harbor photo I didn't take myself. I gave my camera to our niece and let her go at it throughout the cruize. She came up with some great shots and that was one of them. Thanks Kristi for the great photos from that day.

Well I'm off for now. I hope everyone's Friday was great. We are suppose to go back to the beach tommorrow, but I'm not to sure if I'm going on this trip.

Hugs from Charm City

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