Thursday, October 06, 2005

Happy Thursday from Charm City

I can't believe that I finally opened a blog. I told myself that I didn't have time to do this, but you know what, I'm going to make time. I think this will be great for my family and frineds back home as well as my other friends that I have made since I joined the cyber world. I have made some great friends from the cyber world that I cherish dearly. I hope to share our life mussings here and photos for all to read and see. Today was a busy day. We sent the little one off to school and we popped over to Mom's house to visit and meet one of her older sisters that she hasn't seen in years. I got some info on her side of the family that I hadn't known before. It was a great time visiting and taking some photos. It came about that she likes to scrapbook but wants to take some classes. How cool is that. She scrapbooks...woohoo...I have got to get to know this last (Edith) better...maybe we can scrap together sometime. She lives up by where I was teaching at one of the stores. I still go there to crop sometimes with a freind. So maybe we can get together. She was so fun and full of life... We stopped at Wal-Mart to get some photos that I uploaded to the one hour photo on line account. This was the first time that I have done this and was abit worried. Well the photos came out awesom!!! I was so worried that they would crop out some things, but they didn't. And the color was so vibrant...I know I'll be using them again for more photos from my Well it's about 10pm here on the east coast and one of my fav. shows is about to come on. So I'm going to say good-bye for now. I'm going to try and figure this blog thing out so I can add some photos to it soon... Hugs from Charm City where the blue crabs are still

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Sandy said...

Hi Nancy,
I read your blog on when you think of your friends half way around the world. My family lives literally half way around the world. I was born in Holland in Europe, and have been here in the states for 12 years now. If it was not for email it would be even harder to stay in touch. I can send photos to my parents of DS and DH and me. They can see our DS at his preschool because they have cameras in the class room. The internet is such a part of our lives, what would we do without it?

Also wanted to say that I love your LO's. Always enjoy seeing them at the CKMB.

Love the lunch pails.

Keep up the good work!

Sandy from CKMB