Thursday, May 08, 2008

It's a rainy day

I'm sitting here searching the net and trying to catch up on some friends...this Saturday will be my first day off in about 4 weeks now, and I am sooooooo looking forward to it. Then I go to just working Mondays thru Fridays...and that my friend is such a welcome change. I will get to hang out with my family on the weekends and not be sooo tired. Not much to say so here's a little book that I made for our newest grandbaby Makayla....I used the Cricut machine with the Pooh and Friends font. All of the little pooh babies are on the cart and I just thought they were so adorable...Thank you goes out to Jody and Brad for sending this to me...I LOVE IT!!!! Here's their web addy if you'd like to go and take a peek at their site. They have a great place to shop and they are just the quickest to get the orders out to their customers... Here's the little 6X6 book that I"m going to send my daughter so she can add photos and journaling...I hope that she like's can click on each photo to get a bigger picture... Well I hope everyone has a wonderful day.. Hugs from Charm City


Higuita said...

Interesting blog

Sassari, Italy

Anonymous said...

love this little book
did you do this in 12 by 12 or 8 by 8.